Paintless Dent Repair

Getting Rid of Your Parking Lot Neighbor's Mistakes

At McDavid Collision Centers, our team of estimators and technicians will vigerously inspect your vehicle's damage to determine whether or not paintless dent repair or traditional dent repair works for your vehicle. You can also use our online estimating tool and we can provide a free estimate from the comfort of your home. Should you have a minor door ding, minor bumper damage, or you have somebody accidently bump into your quarter panel with their shopping cart, paintless dent repair may be the best route to fix your vehicle.

Our PDR Process

How does paintless dent repair work? Paintless dent repair involves carefully repairing minor dings & dents with our having to add or remove paint. If you have ever heard the term "popping out a dent", this is a commonly used paintless dent repair term. At McDavid Collision Centers, our team of certified body shop experts often use this technique when dealing with outer panel strikes or indentations that haven’t scratched the paint or stripped the paint from the vehicle. Our team of estimators can typically tell in their estimation process if paintless dent repair for your vehicle is a option. Many factors go into this decision, such as the location of the damage, along with how extensive the damage is. Our Acura, Ford and Honda certifications help us determine the best route to get your car back to factory specs for those brands, which you won't find in many other auto body shops. For example, if the dent is on the edges of a door panel or the hood, paintless dent repair may not be the best solution, as a new hood or door may be the only way to get the vehicle back up to factory standards. This is also the same if there is damage to the paint. Should traditional dent repair be required, no worries. With our certifications, our body shops only uses factory paint and parts, along with the techniques that are used when the vehicle is originally built. Schedule your appointment at one of our 5 locations: Fort Worth, Irving.

What are ways to determine how to fix a dent?

Not all dents & dings need traditional dent repair...which can be both time consuming & more expensive. If your vehicle has hail damage, door dings and other small mishaps that may be minor, repair may not be as expensive as you think. With paintless dent repair, our certified body shop experts don't touch the vehicle's paint. This process is quicker, less costly, and very simple, in the grand scheme of things. The first step in paintless dent repair is for our technicians access the back of the dent. This will allow the technician to determine the proper tools needed for dent removal. In many cases, you will have a dent that is on the crease of a fender, door, bumper or quarter panel, so it's important to ensure that the body can be restored without an issue. Checking the back of the dent also allows the technician a view of both sides of the dent to know where to apply the pressure accordingly while manipulating the dent. The location of applied pressure is important because this is how you correctly restore the dent back to its previous shape, aligning the body part to the correct OEM specifications.

Paintless Dent Repair

How is it determined which dent removal method is best to use? In some cases, our technicians will use fluorescent light boards to create shadows on the damaged area. This helps our technicians in navigating the damaged areas and manipulating the dent so it’s correctly repaired the first time. The technician will start around the exterior of the dent and carefully work towards the center of the damage. This will eliminate over correction, which and cause the body panel to bulge further than originally intended and will slowly minimizes the dent so it will eventually disappear. Since McDavid Collision Centers are I-CAR Gold Certified & certified by brands like Ford, Honda & Acura, we only use the latest technology and specialized tools provided by the manufacturer for paintless dent repair. Our estimators are also certified by these manufacturers. This is why many insurance providers and loyal customers prefer McDavid Collision over other body shops in Dallas/Fort Worth, as our team will get your vehicle restored to it's pre-accident condition AND factory specifications. Whether you have a minor dent, small hood or door ding, or if you have major dent that you need repaired, Contact your nearest McDavid Collision Centers and we will get your car, truck or SUV vehicle looking as good as the day you drove it home! Get your free estimate from one of our 5 locations...from the comfort of your home: Fort Worth, Irving.

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