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David McDavid Collision, a subsidiary of Asbury Automotive Group, is committed to the proper repair of both cosmetic and structural damage to your vehicle. Our award-winning team focuses on each vehicle repair as if it’s their own because we understand what’s riding on our repairs.

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The David McDavid Auto Body Shops, serving Texas, are premier places to take your damaged vehicle. From auto-glass repairs to wheel straightening - we work on all different models, and perform a comprehensive suite of auto repairs. We have a Nissan Certified Collision facility as well as a Honda Pro First Certified facility.

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More than bodies of rich expertise, we are sticklers for quality. This means we use top-tier parts proven to stand the tests of time and elements. And, while David McDavid Nissan is exceptionally nimble, we also take the time needed to ensure the job is done right, the first time.

Auto Body Paint

If you've ever been in an automobile accident, you know how stressful it is, both physically and emotionally. Your beautiful, prized vehicle has now been damaged and you want it restored to its original pristine condition. However, with the number of auto repair shops available, how do you know which shop is the most reliable and does the best work in repairing and painting your vehicle at a rate your insurance company approves?

Restore Your Auto Paint

You know that repairing your vehicle to its original factory condition is of utmost importance and you'll also want the paint restored to give back its glamour. Despite the level of damage, the paint on your vehicle is more than coloring, it usually has coating to protect your vehicle from things like rust which can lead to chipping and cracking. If not refilled, resurfaced and repainted, these areas can grow worse over time, which can increase the cost of repairing them. As for the damaged frame behind the torn paint, unless you own your vehicle outright, your lienholder will require you to have your vehicle repaired. If you own your vehicle, your insurance company may require you to have it repaired.

We understand not all needed vehicle paint services are due to collisions. Mother Nature and time, or simply a desire for change could be reasoning enough to address your vehicle’s paint job. Whatever the reason, our team will be able to give your vehicle the look you desire with a quality and protective paint job you should expect.

Experience you can rely on

We know that your vehicle is a prized possession and we will treat it as though it was our own. You will have peace of mind knowing that your repair will be both expeditious and complete. Knowing that collisions don't occur just during the week, our collision facility is open Monday through Saturday in order to meet with your scheduling obligations.

We are among the best in the area for collision repair and our clients consistently give us rave reviews. Our work is guaranteed and we provide free estimates. We guarantee all of our work and we work with all insurance companies. If you need a rental car while your vehicle is being done, we have Hertz rental cars on site for your convenience and the rates are insurance approved.

Car Bumper Repair

Are you stressed with the hustles of getting a reliable auto repair shop to help you repair your car bumper? Our friendly staff at David McDavid Acura has the solution for you. Our shop has been installed with the latest technology and capable of handling any situation that your car may be involved in. We have trained technicians who will ensure that your car will get back to how it was before the bumper damage occurred.

Why is a Car Bumper Repair Important?

It is important to act fast when your car has been involved in an accident because the damage may increase and lead to rusting. When the metals rust it can sometimes slowly spread overtime and they may end up becoming weak and breaking, not to mention the visual displeasure it causes to your ride. To prevent this risk, an immediate repair of the car bumper may help to save money before a small issue has time to grow.

Along with this, often car insurers will give a limited amount of time to find a repair shop. Then there’s the obvious traffic stops by the police, depending on the severity of damage that your car bumper has sustained. Bumpers are meant to serve as cushion to keep you and your passengers safe, so it’s important that they’re in a condition to do just that.

Car Accident Repair

If you've ever been in a car collision, we understand the process of finding a quality auto repair center can be stressful. When added to the stress that naturally results from experiencing a car accident, and you may tempted to pick the closest garage rather than a fully equipped repair center. The Auto Body Shop at David McDavid Acura understands the emotional turmoil that often accompanies a vehicle collision. That's why we do everything possible to simplify the repair process in a warm, supportive atmosphere.

If you suffer a collision in the Plano Texas area, a simple phone call to the Auto Body Shop will quickly mobilize our tow truck, if necessary, to retrieve your vehicle. We work directly with all insurance companies, create a complete, free estimate of the repairs to be done and carefully review it with you. We never perform any work unless you approve it, and we can show you in detail what your insurance covers so that you can make informed decisions.

Timely Service

For a number of reasons, it is important to take care of auto collision repair sooner rather than later:

  1. Safety:A car collision often damages internal components that only a certified technician would recognize. Driving a damaged car can be a safety hazard, because damaged systems may fail at any moment. Conditions such as axles that break, master brake cylinders that fail, moving parts pushed out of alignment, cracked hoses and broken wires can cause a catastrophic failure if you drive a collision-damaged vehicle without promptly repairing it.
  2. Compounding Damage: You might experience what appears to be only minor damage following a car collision, and therefore put off having it fixed. However, minor damage may worsen over time and become a major expense if not addressed right away.
  3. Insurance:Insurance adjusters are more likely to approve all covered repairs when they get involved right after the collision occurs. If you put off repairs and more damage results, the adjuster may balk at paying the full amount.

Quality Repair Service

The Auto Body Shop at David McDavid is staffed by certified and experienced technicians who provide the highest level of professional service for all vehicle makes and models, not just Acura. Our repair facility is equipped with the latest technology and we use only high-quality parts specifically meant for your vehicle. All work is 100% guaranteed to restore your vehicle to its pre-accident condition. We even have Hertz rental cars onsite with insurance-approved rates so that you have a set of wheels while your vehicle is under repair. Finally, our shop does complete work, including inspection, repair and repainting -- you don't have to hassle with separate paint shops.

Dent, Ding and Scratch Repair

Vehicle blemishes can be annoying in more ways than one. They can decrease the value of your car, as well. However, avoiding the occasional scratch, ding or dent is almost impossible because you have no control over the elements or other people. We know how frustrating it is to eye your vehicle after you’ve received a hailstorm ding or a scratch from a driver who pulls in just a little too close at the mall. We understand that you want to remove the eyesore immediately. Our dent repair services can help.

Repair Your Dents Now to Avoid a Mess Later

Your visual displeasure is not the only reason that you need to repair dings and dents right away. Another reason that you should act quickly is further damage. Paint chipping can spread like cancer if you do not address it immediately. You could start with a quarter sized issue and end up with several inches of paint peeling or chipping. Furthermore, dents, chips and scratches can expose the vehicle’s body to rust. The cost of conducting the repairs will increase the longer you wait.

Choose a Noteworthy Dent Repair Provider

You need to pick a reliable repair shop whether you need ding repair, scratch covering, dent repair or paintless dent repair. A reliable provider is one that meets all the criteria of an honest and forthcoming firm. You can see evidence of honesty and compassion in our company by checking our consumer reviews, credentials and tenure. We have been providing services for automobile owners for almost 30 years, and our customers stand firmly behind our endeavors. Our specialists are trained and certified in their fields of repair, and you can ask for proof at any time.

Glass Repair

Sooner or later, you are going to need auto glass repair on your car. Whether it is from something like hail damage, or from an accident, you will need it to be fixed. If you want quality work, however, you will need to take your car to an experienced shop.

Rather than taking a risk on the kind of work you will end up with, you want someone who as repaired many car windows, and who provides auto glass repair frequently. This will help to ensure you will be satisfied with the results.

Why Your Car Needs Glass Repair

If you have a cracked windshield, you want it to be replaced soon. Just the daily vibration that the glass will encounter will cause even a rather small crack to grow quickly. Most states also have limits on how long a crack on a windshield can be before you get a ticket because of it, especially if you live in an urban area. It is even possible that if your car gets jarred real good, that cracked or chipped glass could simply shatter, and get into the eyes of children or pets.

On the other hand, sometimes a windshield does not need to be replaced, but can be repaired with other methods. Of course, it will need to be looked at by our professionals before a decision can be made. They also want to ensure your overall safety. If a simple repair is all you need, then it will cost considerably less.

Get Professionals to Replace Your Auto Glass

When you need any glass work done on your car, you always want to be sure that the mechanics are professionals. You also want to ensure that quality replacement glass is going to be used, and that it will be installed correctly. Our glass repair crew at David McDavid will also use the right adhesives to ensure a proper fit and waterproof seal.

Our professionals are trained in the latest and best techniques of glass repair, and also know the best products. This ensures that you will get excellent service, and we also only use the best glass when a replacement is necessary, and it is under warranty.

Headlight Restoration

Headlights can get worn out due to a number of reasons. UV light can wear the light down through oxidation. Weather, road conditions, and exposure to chemicals may also contribute to your headlight losing its color. Headlights can diminish in their overall ability to produce light by up to 70%. This causes difficulty for drivers as their night visibility is not up to par.

If not treated immediately, worn-out headlights can develop small surface cracks. When a headlight cracks, mechanics refer to this situation as “crazing.” At this stage, it becomes more difficult to replace the busted headlight, and a restoration is likely rendered impossible. Take care of this situation now, while it's still an easy fix. Don't let the crazing drive you crazy.

Restoring Vehicle Headlights

Restoring your headlights can even make your car more environmentally friendly. A restored headlight will significantly reduce the Co2 emissions of the automobile. Also consider the replacement process. When lights are replaced, the old lights are disposed of. The material of these headlights makes it hard to decompose. This causes more build-up of unnecessary trash. Restorations use the existing headlights, so no more disposing of materials harmful to the planet.

There are a multitude of products and services that offer headlight restoration. This includes “do it yourself” kits, aimed at offering consumers a cheaper alternative to restoring their headlight. It is wise that the consumer avoids such products. Although they are cheaper, you will in fact get what you pay for. These kits don't fully restore the brightness and visibility of the headlight. It should be noted that when using these kits, you will have to reapply the sealant on regular intervals. Don't mess around trying to save money, only to cost yourself more in the long run. Come to David McDavid Acura and let our quality professionals handle the job for you.

Headlight Restoration Service You Can Count On

Our expert team will offer a headlight restoration project that will vastly improve the performance of your headlights. This option is much cheaper than a complete headlight replacement and will offer you the same level of restored visibility. If you bought the “do it yourself” kit, you'll probably notice that it does not include the tools needed to complete the job. We have all the tools and training necessary to guarantee our services will bring new life to your car.

As well as restoring the headlight to its former brilliance, our team will protect it from further damage. We will apply clear acrylic or urethane to protect the lens from further UV exposure. This procedure will extend the lifespan of your headlights and keep them as powerful as you need to see all that lies before you.

Wheel Repair

The experience of a car crash is one that everyone can relate to. After all, statistics say that every driver will get into a car crash about once every 18 years. Certainly, these experiences can be traumatic right when they occur. While most will focus solely on the damage to the body of their vehicle, something as simple as damage to the wheels could add on unforeseen costs.

At this point, you may be thinking that maybe you don't have to get your rims repaired. After all, it's only slightly bent. There's only a couple of scratches. What's the worst that could happen?

Repair Damaged Rims

Perhaps you began your search by asking your friends which companies they used, or perhaps you simply looked online and eventually stumbled upon this page. Either way, your search has come to an end. You have found a quality dealership that will take care of your car.

Well, as it turns out, damaged rims can have a number of repercussions. They could make your car harder to steer, making it more likely for you to get into another accident. They could damage your tires, causing you to have to replace them sooner, or even causing a blowout which could happen without warning in the middle of the highway. They can even lower your gas mileage, making you pay more in order to use your car. If you feel any difference in the car while you're driving it--odd vibrations in the front, or maybe a constant thumping sound--it is important to take care of the problem right away. This means that the problem is significant and has a higher chance of causing further damage to your car.

I-Car Gold Certified